Podcast: What's Next for the Economy?


By Hans F. Olsen, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

Austin Shapard

By Austin V. Shapard

President & Chief Executive Officer

Boston Financial District

October 22, 2020

The pandemic has resulted in a challenging economic landscape for many businesses and individuals. At the same time, after a second quarter disruption, the financial markets rebounded and several markets have reached new highs, raising questions about the potential for another market downturn.

In our podcast, experts from Brookline Bank and Fiduciary Trust Company discuss their outlook on the economy and markets to help you stay informed and prepared for what may be ahead.

The panelists for this podcast are:

  • Darryl Fess, President and CEO, Brookline Bank
  • Austin Shapard, President and CEO, Fiduciary Trust Company
  • Hans Olsen, Chief Investment Officer, Fiduciary Trust Company
  • Robert Rose, Chief Credit Officer, Brookline Bank

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